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Wednesday, May 2, 2018 - 1:00 PM
Auction Location: Isabel, SD

Hayland ~ Hunting ~ Scenic Ranch Land
3909 acres – Not grazed in 2017
Drageset Land Trust

At Community Center in Isabel, SD, on Hwy 65
West Central South Dakota

Directions to property:
From Isabel, SD, go 10 miles west on Hwy 20, then 4 ½ miles north on 224th Ave., then 1 ½ miles west to east edge of property. Home is another ½ mile west and 1 mile south and west. ****Maps and info are in mail boxes as you reach property. Tract Signs are posted & ribbons mark corners of tracts.

This beautiful ranch is offered in 6 Tracts, and as an Entire Contiguous Unit
Einar and Dorothy Drageset have owned this property for many years, providing for their large family. Due to their passing, this ranch is being sold. The family hopes this land can continue to provide a good living for the new owners.

This property was not grazed in 2017

A mix of mostly rolling pasture, and gently rolling hay land ~~ Some bushy draws and seasonal drainages with trees to provide winter protection and wildlife habitat, especially for deer.

- Mostly used for pasture, with approx. 750 acres that have been farmed, and are now planted to a grass / hay mixture.
- House, 2 Good Quonsets, and some Corrals, in Sec. 8 (Tract 5)
- One contiguous tract, accessed off Hwy 20 via county gravel roads
- Livestock water provided by wells, dams, springs, and seasonal creeks, scattered across the ranch.
- Two wells at the headquarters provide both domestic and livestock water ~~ At present they are tied together.
- Property is cross-fenced into several pastures
- Two auto-gates allow pasturing of ditches
- Hunting: Whitetail and Mule Deer, Antelope, Turkeys, Grouse
- Taxes: $ 1.92 per acre

3909.83 Deeded Acres……..Plus 320 acre School Lease

Existing fences, water lines, buildings, and land uses were used to determine this offering of tracts:
Tract 1: Hayland that was once farmed:  316.70 acres ~ Lot 1, Lot 2, E2NW4, NE4 Sec. 7 ~ Adjoins Tracts 3, 5 & 6 ~ Gentle slope in a few places ~ a hydrant is here, piped from the well in Sec. 6 (Tract 6) (hydrant might be used if acceptable to new buyer of Tract 6)

Tract 2:  South Pasture, plus School Lease:  960 deeded acres, plus 320 acre school lease ~ All Sec. 17 and E2 Sec. 18 ~ School Lease is N2 Sec. 16 ~ Adjoins Tracts 3, 4 & 5 ~ Pastured by Dams and a spring-y creek, with watering holes

Tract 3: Pasture: 296.98 acres ~ Lot 3, Lot 4, E2SW4, W2SE4, W2E2SE4, W2E2E2SE4 Sec. 7 ~ Adjoins Tracts 1, 2 & 5 ~ Large dam in south part, with some spring-y draws

Tract 4:  Hayland or Pasture:  400 acres ~ W2, W2SE4 Sec. 9 ~ Adjoins Tract 5 & diagonal from Tract 2 ~ Draws with dams and winter protection

Tract 5:  The Heart of the Ranch: 660 acres ~ All Sec. 8 and E2E2E2SE4 Sec. 7 ~ Adjoins Tracts 1, 2 3, 4, & 6 ~ Several pastures ~ NE4 has been terraced ~ 3-bedroom Home w/newer steel siding, roof & some windows ~ 2 large Quonsets in good shape ~ 2 wells, hydrants & 1 automatic waterer near the old barn ~ 2 electric meters ~ Load-out chute, but corrals need repair ~ Includes (3) 500 gal. Fuel Tanks w/elec pumps, plus 1000 gal. LP tank ~ Several pastures

Tract 6:  Pasture north of gravel road:  1276.15 acres ~ T17N- R19E—Sec. 1: Lots 7 & 8, S2NE4, SE4; Sec. 12: NW4NE4 and T17N-R19E—Sec. 5: Lots 3,4,5,&6, S2NW4, SW4; Sec. 6: Lots 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,10,&11, S2NW4, E2SW4, SE4 ~ Across the gravel road from Tracts 1 & 5 ~ Large pasture, plus smaller pasture ~ At old home site is a well and electric meter ~ Water piped west to near the section line between Sections 1 & 6 ~ Water also piped under Gopher Rd south to a hydrant in Sec. 7 (Tract 1) ~ Very scenic breaks, especially on the north side ~ excellent hunting

Please have auctioneers with you to view ranch---Call for private tour, or come to Public Showing on:
Wed. April 18 & Sun. April 22 from 2 - 4 pm

All bidders must bring an “Absolute Letter of Credit” on Auction Day, to pre-qualify the bidder for maximum amount the bidder can pay for the property.

More about Buildings: South 50x 83 Behlen Steel Quonset--4150 sq. feet, w/ good concrete floor, & has electricity ~ A good sound building
East 50x80 Steel Quonset--4000 sq. feet, w/ partial, concrete floor & no electricity. Doors on each end, & doors designed to use as an airplane hangar
Wood Frame House w/ Steel Roof & Siding 2-Story Comfortable Farmhouse, w/ 3 bedrooms & 1 bath ~~ Hardwood Floors ~~ Appliances ~~ Many newer windows
Rest of Headquarters: Mobile Home Hookup w/Septic ~ Old barn, w/ornate cupola, adds character to property, but needs repair ~ Older single car garage w/concrete floor ~ old chicken coop

Real Estate Taxes: Seller pays all the 2017 Real Estate Taxes, with 2018 taxes pro-rated to date of closing. 2017 taxes were $ 7492.01, or $ 1.92 per acre
Moreau-Grand Electric (1-800-952-3158): 2 electric meters in Sec. 8 (Tract 5) and one in Sec. 6 (Tract 6). Seller will cooperate in transfer of meters to new owners.

Legals: All in Ziebach County, east of Black Hills Meridian
Township 17 North, Range 19 East:
     284.34 acres Sec. 1: Lots 7 & 8, S2NE4, SE4
       40.00 acres Sec. 12: NW4, NE4
Township 17 North, Range 20 East:
     320.46 acres Sec. 5: Lots 3, 4, 5, & 6, S2NW4, SW4
     631.35 acres Sec. 6: Lots 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 10, & 11, S2NW4, E2SW4, SE4
     633.68 acres Sec. 7: Lots 1, 2,3, & 4, E2W2, E2
     640.00 acres Sec. 8: ALL
     400.00 acres Sec. 9: W2, W2SE4
     640.00 acres Sec. 17: ALL 
     320.00 acres Sec. 18: E2

School Land Lease for Tract 2: NE4 and NW4 of Sec. 16, T17N, R20E in Ziebach County. The rental fee was paid in January, 2018 in the amount of $ 1027.20 for the 2018 calendar year. ($ 3.21 per acre). School land also costs $ 195 per year in real estate taxes, or $ 0.61 per acre. Lease will transfer to buyer of Tract 2. The present lease runs through Feb. 29, 2019, and comes up for bid in Jan of 2019.

Mineral Rights: Seller will transfer all mineral rights that they presently have in this property to the new owner(s).

Terms:  Auctioneers in their sole discretion will pre-qualify all bidders.  Please bring an “Irrevocable Letter of Credit” on Auction Day, to pre-qualify for maximum amount the bidder can pay for the property.  Successful bidder will deposit 20 % irrevocable earnest money on Auction Day with balance due in certified funds on, or before, June 5, 2018. Property sells without buyer contingency. Have financial arrangements secured prior to bidding. Marketable title transferred by Trustee’s Deed, subject to any easements, restrictions, or reservations of record.

Possession upon closing.
NOTE: Drageset family has until June 1, 2018 to remove all personal property from the real estate.

Acreages: Acreage determined by Ziebach Assessors, FSA maps, Agri-Data Surety maps, and BLM maps, & sold by legal description only. These acreages determine the total price of each parcel, but there is no guarantee of exact number of acres in each parcel. No survey provided. If sold in tracts, interior corners are deemed reliable, however, neither Seller or Auctioneer/Brokers are making any guarantees or warranties, actual or implied, as to number of acres in individual tracts, or in the entire unit. No guarantee on the placement of any of the existing fences.

Title Insurance & Closing: Sandra Heaton of Haakon County Abstract Co, Philip, SD, 605-859-2461, will conduct the closing. Policy available for inspection prior to auction. Title Insurance & Closing Agent Fee to be split between Buyer and Seller.

1031 Exchange: Seller will cooperate to facilitate a 1031 exchange, if needed by the Buyer.

Inspect Property to extent deemed necessary and rely on your own judgment when bidding. Do your own research both onsite and offsite. Descriptions & information are from sources deemed reliable; however, neither the Seller, Auctioneers, nor associated personnel is making any guarantees or warranties, actual or implied. Property is sold “As-is, Where-is.”

Announcements made at Auction take precedence over any printed material or prior representations. Auctioneers represent Seller in this transaction.

Call for Broker Participation Fee

Owner: Drageset Land Trust, Jamie Drageset, Trustee

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