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Sunday, November 11, 2018 - 11:00 AM (CT)
Auction Location: Ft. Pierre, SD



Winchester Model 12 12 ga. 7582xx
Winchester Model 12 12 ga. 8806xx
Winchester Model 94 30-30 37708xx
Remington Model 870 wing master 12 ga. 9457xxv
Remington Model 870 wing master 12 ga. 5469xxv
Remington Model 870 wing master 20 ga. Mag T7211xxn
Browning Model A5 light twelve 12 ga. 268xx
Hopkin & Allen single shot 12 ga. 174xx
Marlin Model 25 MN .22 mag 986613xx
Ruger Model 77 w/scope 270 Cal. 70858xx
Mossberg Model 702 .22 Cal (new) EME37476xx
Remington Model 514 .22 single shot
Remington Model 514 .22 single shot
Remington Model 788 243 Cal. w/scope A61711xx
Remington Model 788 22-250 Cal. w/scope 0573xx
Iver-Johnson single shot .410 ga. 704xx
Ruger Model 01103 .22 Cal. (new) 0002-967xx
(3) BB guns, 22 Cal. Rifle shells, Boxes of primers
Sniper scope 3x9x40 (new), (6) Gun cases, Rifle scabbard
Winchester flash light, Break down gun scabbard
Winchester sign, Colt lamp

Morgan Silver Dollars: 1879, 1880, 1880-S, 1879-S, 1880, 1881, 1883, 1883-0, 1883-S, 1901-0, 1921, 1921-S, 1884-0, 1921, 1890, 1921-S, 1886-0, 1899-0, 1889-0, 1878, 1890, 1878
Peace Silver Dollars: 1922, 1923, 1922
Carson City Silver Dollars: 1882-1883-1890-1182-1883-1891-1890-1878-1890-1890-1890-1891-1883-1890-1882-1878-1880-1891-1890-1882
(3) Carson City overstrike 0/cc; (4) Rolls of wheat pennies
(50) Eisenhower Silver Dollars- 1776-1976
(150) Buffalo Nickels, (100) Indian Head pennies
Roll Steel pennies 1943, 1837 Large Cent

Reliance SD 100th Ann. Blanket w/brands
Horse collars, Evener, Horse collar w/mirror
Buggy neck yoke, Neck yoke
(2) Pendleton type blankets
US saddle bags, Engraved bronc belt
Cutting horse saddle, Riding saddle
(4) Saddle stands, Bridles-halters-breast collars
Lariat, Spurs, Childs chaps, Long sheep skin coat
Steak branding irons, Cowboy hats
1989 SD Centennial wagon train map
Indian blankets, Indian stone hammers
Native American Knick knacks
Native beaded earrings
Beaded knife sheath w/ knife
Straight razors, Shaving strops
Razor blade sharpeners, Shaving brushes
Oil lamps, Lanterns
Cast iron pans (several)
Cast iron banks
Cast iron stage coach w/horses
Pocket knife collection, Harmonica
Jar of marbles, Pocket watches
Boot jack, Build rite western puzzles
(2) Brand books 1943-1995
Life magazine –Casey Tibbs
Before barb wire (book)
The frontier year (book)


Redwing 4 ga. Butter churn, Redwing 2 ga. Crock
Crock jug, Set of 3 crock mixing bowls
Syrup crock jug, Wash tub,
Pottery wedding vessel, Large blue pitcher & bowl set
Oak rocking chair w/ cane seat, Small standing show case
Large swirl blue granite- ware roaster
Large stamp collection, US Marine Items
Coke-A Cola items, Collection of old tins
Cigarette lighter collection, Ash trays
Camel cigarette tin w/ camel matches
Flat top trunk, Whiskey decanters
Bar items (shot glasses- beer glasses-signs-mirrors-clocks)
Jewelry, Wicker picnic basket, Doctor bag
Clocks, Die cast toys, Poker chips in case, Baseball cards
Canes/walking sticks (diamond willow)
(2) Church pew song book holders
Old cabinet photos, Art deco lamp
Animal mounts (fish, pheasant, and turkey tail)
10# Calumet can, Mobil oil can 5 gal.
Star Trek DVD collection, Cartoon Craze DVD collection
Signed baseball (Dave Winfield-Tom Kelly)
4 hook wall hat hanger, Rolling pins, Cook books
Countertop peanut dispenser
Set of 4 wild life prints on wood
(4) Wooden duck decoys
John Deere toy tractor made from sewing machine
Collection of state license plates, Large metal road signs
Salesman sample size furniture
Playboy magazine collection 1997-2004
Stereo viewer w/cards, Collector dolls
Life size lady mannequin
Lebanon SD cream & sugar set
2 ga. Milk can w/lid
Keen kutter items

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