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Cropland, Rangeland, & Hunting, right off I-90, just south and east of Murdo, SD

Wednesday, April 12, 2023 @ 1:00 pm

2305 acres

Liffengren Family   LAND  AUCTION

Wed. Apr. 12, 2022  * 1 pm CT

Auction held at Draper Auditorium in Draper, SD, I-90 Exit 201

 *Free lunch begins at 11 am, provided by Liffengren family 

Directions to property: From Murdo, SD, Exit 192 on I-90, go 1/4 mile south on Hwy 83, then 2 miles east on 243rd St.  Maps in mailboxes as you reach property w/ribbons & signs marking tracts.

  • Outstanding Locationoffered in 11 Tracts, and as an Entire Contiguous Unit
  • Tracts from 40 to 380 acres
  • Ideal for those wanting a country acreage or working farm
  • Good Grass ~ Rural Water ~ Many Stock Dams
  • Cropland w/ Easy Access
  • Amazing Hunting along Johnny Creek
  • A mix of level cropland or rolling pasture, with some scenic slopes
  • Rural Water Taps & Electricity

 Note: Some acres are presently in crops, but other pasture acres could be farmed. FSA has listed 1252.78 acres as cropland.

Call auctioneers for private tour, or visit with Auctioneers, meeting at Tract 7 to view property on:  Monday March 27 from Noon to 2 pm

All property in T2S-R29E in Jones County, SD

*******Tract 1: 40 acres N2N2NW4 Sec. 16: Great homesite near Murdo ~ Rural Water Line just north of the road, and could be accessed ~ Beautiful Stock Dam ~ Great for horses or livestock ~ Taxes  $149.95 or $3.75 per acre

*******Tract 2: 160 acres S2S2 Sec. 16: Nice-sized ranchette, with pasture and farmground, stock dam ~ build a home ~ add to nearby properties ~ utilities nearby ~ only 4 miles from Murdo  ~ not fenced ~  Taxes $599.80 or $3.75 per acre

******Tract 3: 185 acres S2NW4, S2N2NW4, NW4SW4, NE4SW4 except for 15 acres (S 544’ of E 1200’) Sec. 16: Mostly cropland ~ Presently milo stubble ~ Easy Access ~ Close to Murdo ~ not fenced on north side ~ many acres Opal-Promise Clays & Opal Clays with APR of .73 and .60 ~ FSA Crop Base acres ~ Taxes: $693.53 or $3.75 per acre

*******Tract 4: 380 acres N2SW4, SE4SW4 Sec. 15; E2NW4, S2SW4NW4, N2SW4, W2SE4 Sec. 22: Hunter’s paradise ~ Johnny Creek runs the length of this tract ~ Stock Dams ~ Water Tap along north edge of Sec. 22 on west side of creek ~ Great protection ~ Trees w/ Beautiful Views ~ Could build a home here ~ Utilities close ~ Taxes: $1074.29 or $2.83 per acre

*******Tract 5: 100 acres SW4SW4 Sec. 15; NW4NW4, N2SW4NW4 Sec. 22: Fenced cropland ~ pretty level ~  Mostly Opal Clay & Promise Clay with APR ratings as high as .85 ~ FSA Crop Base Acres ~ Taxes: $274.57 or $2.75 per acre

*******Tract 6: 160 acres SE4 Sec. 15: Cropped and Hayed ~ Fenced ~ Stock Dam ~ 97 acres of Opal-Promise soil with APR ratings of .73 & 54 acres Opal Clay with a rating of .59 ~ FSA Crop Base Acres ~ Cattle Waterer & Hydrant in SE corner, getting water from Tract 7 ~ Electricity ~ Good home site ~ Taxes: $651.22 or $4.07 per acre

*******Tract 7: 320 acres S2 Sec. 14: Home quarter w/barns & large pasture, stock dams ~ Beautiful Shelterbelt overlooks the home & sheltered older barn ~ House yard w/ gazebo & hydrants was gorgeous when its caretaker was here, now needs some TLC ~ 1 ½-story electric home w/ attached greenhouse/ sunporch ~(2015) Steel 40×72 Pole Barn ~ 40×50 Quonset ~ 30×62 & 22×48 older Barns ~ 4 Grain Bins ~ Water Tap piped to barns, garden area, and east pasture ~ Water tap also waters Tract 6 (SE4 Sec. 15) ~ Spring Creek curves through homestead with a stock dam ~ Taxes: $1375.74  or $4.30 per acre w/buildings

*******Tract 8: 200 acres NW4, W2W2NE4 Sec. 14: Fenced Pasture with large stock dam ~ Good Grass ~ Taxes  $647.06 or $3.24 per acre

*******Tract 9: 120 acres E2NE4, E2W2NE4 Sec. 14: Fenced cropland, presently milo stubble ~ Opal-Promise, Opal Clay, & Labu Clay with APR ratings from .50 to .73 ~ FSA Crop Base Acres ~ Taxes: $388.24 or $3.24 per acre

*******Tract 10: 320 acres W2 Sec. 13: A large pasture with stock dam ~ Farmed at one time & appears to have been in CRP ~ good grass ~ not overgrazed ~ FSA Crop Base Acres ~ A fence separates Tract 10 from Tract 11 ~ Taxes: $1172.53 or $3.66 per acre

*******Tract 11: 320 acres E2 Sec. 13: Cropland ~ Hay fields ~ Good looking alfalfa field in south half of tract ~ Large stock dam is fenced so various stubble fields and hay fields could be grazed, with cattle watering from the dam ~ Tracts 10 & 11 are mostly Opal-Promise, Opal Clay, Labu Clay & Lane Silty Clay Loam with APR ratings from .50 to .73 ~ FSA Crop Base Acres ~ Newer Fence along east and north sides ~ Fence separates Tract 11 from Tract 10 Taxes: $1172.53 or $3.66 per acre

Real Estate Taxes:  Seller pays all the 2022 Real Estate Taxes, with 2023 taxes pro-rated to date of closing. 2022 taxes were $8199.46 for $3.56 per acre

West Central Electric (605-669-8100):  1 electric meter, in Sec. 14 (Tract 7). Seller will cooperate in the transfer of meter to new owner.

West River/Lyman Jones Rural Water 605-669-2931 or 800-851-2349:  There are 2 taps on this property. The Tract 7 Tap (Sec. 14) waters the home, the garden, corrals, and the east pasture. It is also piped into Tract 6 (Sec. 15)The Tract 4 Tap (Sec. 22) is on the west side of Johnny Creek in the northeast part of Sec. 22. The main WR/LJ water line runs along the north side of Tract 1 on the north side of the road.

FSA Form 156: Form 156 shows 1252.78 Cropland Acres with Base acres:  Wheat 571.3, Oats 68.0, Grain Sorghum, 121.9

Jones County School District: K-12, good academics & sports in smaller class sizes

Churches: in both Murdo and Draper

Mineral Rights:  Seller will transfer any, and all, mineral rights that they presently have in this property to the new owner(s).

Soil Ratings:  Many acres have been identified as Opal-Promise Clays, Opal Clay, Labu Clay, Promise Clay, or Lane Silty Clay Loam with Ag productivity ratings from 0.50 to 0.85.

Terms:  Successful bidder will deposit 15 % irrevocable earnest money on Auction Day with balance due in certified funds on, or before, May 12, 2023. Property sells without buyer contingency. Have financial arrangements secured prior to bidding. Marketable title transferred by Trustee’s Deed or Personal Representative’s Deed, subject to any easements, restrictions, or reservations of record. Possession upon closing, except for the house, which will have possession available on July 12, 2023. Certified funds due at closing.

Property and All Structures Sell “As Is”: The home has been vacant for 4 years. The water and power are off. There are no obvious signs of roof leaks. The family is removing personal possessions, but there may be items left in the house, and they will become the buyer’s responsibility after July 12, 2023. The most recent renter of the land has until July 1, 2023, to remove his equipment.

Fences: Present fences are assumed to be on legal perimeter of the property, but these boundaries are not guaranteed. Some present fences are not located exactly on the legal boundaries of the individual tracts. If sold in tracts, some additional fencing may need to be provided by Buyers. Tract corners are approximately marked, but should not be confused with an actual land survey.

Acreages Acreage determined by Jones County Assessors, FSA maps, and Agri-Data Surety maps & sold by legal description only. These acreages determine the total price of each parcel, but there is no guarantee of exact number of acres in each parcel. No survey provided. If sold in tracts, interior corners are deemed reliable, however, neither Seller or Auctioneer/ Brokers are making any guarantees or warranties, actual or implied, as to number of acres in individual tracts, or in the entire unit. Seller will not provide any surveys.

Title Insurance & Closing: Haakon County Title Co, Philip, SD, 605-859-2461, will conduct the closing. Policy is available for inspection prior to auction. Title Insurance and Closing Agent Fee will be split between Buyer and Seller.

1031 Exchange: Seller will cooperate to facilitate a 1031 exchange, if needed by the Buyer, as long as closing deadline is met.

Inspect Property to the extent deemed necessary and rely upon your own judgment when bidding. Do your own research both onsite and offsite. Descriptions and information are from sources deemed reliable; however, neither the Seller, Auctioneers, nor associated personnel is making any guarantees or warranties, actual or implied. Property is sold “As-is, Where-is.”  

Announcements made at Auction take precedence over any printed material or prior representations. Auctioneers represent Seller in this transaction.

~Broker Participation Invited -Call for forms & deadline~

BY James Anderson 

I grew up hunting Johnny creek before my aunt Edna Liffengren purchased it somewhere in the 60’s or a bit latter.  Except for a few years in the military in the 60’s and because I was living out of state in the 70’s, I have hunted it and have shared the hunting rights until December of 2022.  It started out with Jackrabbits and progressed to pheasants, sharptail, prairie chickens, turkeys, coyotes and deer.  It seemed in the early years of deer hunting that the Mulys were all over the place– the last 15 years have seen more white tail numbers. 

The creek offers protection and roosting for pheasants and grouse along with nesting areas, water and food.  The cultivated ground to the west keeps them in the area.  The pasture to the south is grouse heaven if the cover is not to short. 

Turkeys moved up from the south about 15 years ago and we had great hunting until the last 5 years—numbers down and roost trees limited. 

We have limited the number of buck deer harvested every year and feel it has helped keep the number of decent–shootable 4×4 and 5×5 deer of both species up. 

Whoever gets this part of the Liffengren acreage– you are getting the part that has added many years and a lifetime of memories to my life.  I hope you and your friends/family enjoy it as much as I have. 

Jim Anderson 

 **Owner: Liffengren Family

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Wednesday, April 12, 2023
1:00 pm - 11:30 pm
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Liffengren Family

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Draper, SD
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