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Saturday, October 3, 2020 - 10:00 AM (MT)
Auction Location: New Underwood, SD

LOCATED:  Community Center on A- Ave in New Underwood, SD

605-863-1796 or 605-390-9758

Lunch Served

List of a few items on sales bill:
This will be a big sale
General items:
5 bikes, chairs of all sizes, dressers, walker, tools, toolboxes, 5 10gallon cream cans, part of old hand pump, post wall drill, single tree, double tree, chicken feeders, nice glider walker, blankets, few rocks, old trunk, pots and pans, some guns, toys, bear hide with head, 2 ½ gal crock jugs, lawn mowers, few lawn toys, old wooden beer box, other wooden boxes, big trailer full of Christmas decorations, new cards, wrapping paper, 6 foot tree and much more. Some good books: Black hills Hays Camp, Bad River, Through the Years Meade County before 1966, Faith County before 1966, The Black hills 1949 Eastern Pennington County, two beds, round glass China cupboard, 10 iron fry pans, much-much more by sale time.

Taking consignments Sept 30th and Oct 1st from 9 am to 5pm.

Owner: Consignors

Managed & Conducted by:
Ralph's Auction, New Underwood, SD
E-mail:  Phone: 605-863-1796, 605-390-9758  
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Ralphs Auction Auctioneers:  Ralph Harter, Gary, Ed
Clerks:  Pam and Shakole

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