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Please Note
The Web site will always provide free online information for auctions in and around South Dakota.

What are E-mail Notifications
E-mail notifications is an added service that is available for an annual fee of $14.99.  Subscribers to this service will receive a single e-mail each night that lists all new and updated auctions for that day.  The e-mail will contain the same information listed in the Auction Calendar on our Web site, including an active link to take you to the full auction listing.  If no new auctions were added that day and none were updated, you will not receive an e-mail that day.

What are the Benefits
By bringing the new and updated auctions list directly to your e-mail inbox, you never have to worry about overlooking an upcoming auction or update to an auction listing.  In addition, you will find the e-mail notifications save you time because you will no longer need to scroll through the Auction Calendar each day to find the new and updated listings.

If you would like to receive a free sample of a nightly e-mail notification, or if have any questions about this added service, please contact us at

Subscribe Today
The cost for this service is $14.99 which will provide you with 12 full months of e-mail notifications.

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To pay with a personal check, enter your e-mail address in the input box and then click 'Send'. You will then receive an e-mail instructing you on where to send your payment.

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