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Saturday, May 15, 2021 @ 10:00 am

Saturday, May 15, 2021    10:00 am

Auction will be held in Fine Arts Building at the Central State Fairgrounds in Rapid City, SD

Additions as of 5/4/21: 

CCI large rifle primers (26 boxes), CCI shot shell primers (2 boxes), CCI small rifle primers (10 boxes), CCI small pistol primers (10 boxes), CCI large pistol mag primers (16 boxes), CCI large rifle mag primers (5 boxes), Federal large pistol primers (2 boxes), CCI small pistol mag primers (6 boxes), Winchester Staynless small rifle primers (6 boxes), Winchester large rifle standard primers (2 boxes)

Ammo-46 boxes 5.6 mm Mal (223), 3 boxes 44 shells, 2 boxes 44 magnum bullets, 2 boxes 7mm bullets, 1 box 30 cal bullets, 4 boxes 20 rd 44 brass, 12 gauge shells, 15 boxes 7.62×54 mm, 18 boxes 9×18 mm, 3 boxes 30-30, 2 boxes 38 special, 2 boxes 4-10, 1 box 8×57 Mauser, 

1 box 30-6, 1 box 25 auto, 9 boxes 8 mm Mauser, 10 boxes of 12 gauge, another 2000 rounds of 22 LR shells

We found a nice selection of old metal toys and new dolls.  There are several old lamps, and a nice Griswold waffle maker. 


Jewelry-Diamond ring (man), BH Gold ring (man), BH gold tie pin, sterling silver dreamcatcher necklace, BH Gold/Jade ring (woman), BH Gold/Pearl ring (woman), turquoise baby bracelet, handmade leather earrings, handmade glass bead earrings, costume jewelry (several pieces)

Guns/Ammo-M1 Grand 30 cal, (3) SKS, 2 w/bayonet, Stevens 30-06 w/Redfield 4×12 scope, Winchester Model 94 30-30, Marlin 444 lever action, Remington Speedmaster 22 w/4×22 Bushnel scope, Mohawk 600 243 w/Leupold 3×9 scope, Remington Model 1100 auto 12 ga. mag, New Haven Model 250CA auto 22, Springfield Model 84C 22, Astra 12 ga. double barrel, Mouser 8 mm Siamk rifle, Mouser 7 mm Spanish rifle, Mouser 93 (2), US Remington 1903 45 cal black powder

Ammo-3 boxes-357 magnum, 2 boxes-22-250, 2 boxes-30-30, 4 boxes-30-06, 5 boxes-30-40, 1 box -38 special, 1 box-218 Bee, 1 box-22 Savage, 7 boxes-12 ga., 4 boxes-12 ga. magnum, 1 box-300 Winchester, 1 box-7 mm mags, 2400 rounds 22 shells, 700 rounds-22 mag

Military Ammo-15 boxes-Wolf 7.62×39 mil,, 30-06 (6-bandoliers), 30 cal, 7 mm Mouser, 7.62x54R Czech, 7.62x54R German

Reloading and Supplies-6 boxes-7 mm bullets, 4 boxes-10 mm bullets, 4 boxes-9 mm bullets, 12 boxes-38 cal, 5 boxes-8 mm bullets, 22 cal bullets, 1 box-30 cal bullets, 6 boxes-6.5 mm bullets, 8 boxes-6 mm bullets, 1 box-357 bullets, 1 box-444 bullets, lots of brass-264/257/38 cal/223, loading dies-300/223/264/257/9 mm/22-250/444/44 mag/30-06/30-30/25-06, dozen ammo boxes, clay targets, binoculars (Magna 6×30/Bushnel 10×50/Vega 10×40/Carl Zeiss 8x30B/Kalimar 7×50, misc. ammo magazines, 4 sand bags, cleaning patches and oil, Pacific tool co. deluxe trimmer, Midway USA Caliper (6”), Lee loader (223), RCBS Powder trickier, Pacific hand loader

Tools-Small Testrite chest on wheels, Sears timing light, Century 10 amp battery charger, KNL engine analyzer, Sears Torque wrench, asstd hand tools and wrenches, Propane Catalytic heater, 20 lb propane tank, automotive manuals-1977 Truck Shop Vols. 2,3,4, 1994 small engine overhaul, V8 Camero, 10W30 motor oil (new),

Collectibles-Glassware (McCoy/Homer Laughlin/Royal Imperial/Halls China), Hollie Hobbit, Enamel ware, Chicken on Nest, Miniature books-Tarzan, Red Rider, Magician, 1920 girls scout book, Liberty Falls 40 pc Christmas set, cups and saucers, wood boxes, washboards, pickle jars, kerosene jars, book matches, weathervane, kerosene lamps, brass ironwood sculptures, purple glass, china cabinet, large carved animals, 6 new dolls, doll bed, old metal toys, 6 children chairs, 8 pc setting Homer Laughlin dishes, canes, amber depression (6 pc), swords, globes, 2 deer hides (1-tanned 1-w/hair), records 33 1/3, glass insulators, cast iron

Household/Miscellaneous-Armoire (nice), chest of drawers, 2 shelving units, doilies, linens, blankets, box fans, end tables, lamps, tv trays, folding chairs, cookbooks, captains chairs, lockbox w/key, canning supplies, lots of yarn, apt-size refrigerator (black), Christmas bows and wraps (new), lots of books, mens’ western hats, comforters (ne

We will be finding more treasures and adding additional items up to sale day.

TERMS AND CONDITIONS:  Cash or bankable check day of sale. Driver’s license required for buyer number and check.  Waltman Auctions is not responsible for merchandise after purchase or for accidents. All merchandise purchased “As-Is Where-Is”. Sales tax will be charged.  Announcements made sale day take precedence over all printed material.  

OWNER:  Betty Finkbeiner      



Saturday, May 15, 2021
10:00 am - 11:30 pm
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Auction Company

Waltman Auctions


Betty Finkbeiner
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